Victim Mentality

When you are going through a difficult time it can be rather challenging to maintain the right perspective. Whether it is be financial crisis or a problem within a relationship not allowing your feeling to dictate how you sees things is a quite the task.  Experiencing pain can cloud our judgement and cause us to pronounce judgement on ourselves before God ever brings about a solution.  Although it may be unpleasant we must not give way to a poor me ie. a Victim Mentality. When we choose to remain a victim we in fact delay the breakthrough and victory the Lord desires to give us. You can not be a victor and a victim at the same, therefore your feelings must be kept in check. You may be Hurt, But Not Held Back!

Having a victim mentality prevents you from living and walking in God’s best. You hitch yourself to the past – the actions of the individual(s) and/or situation. I almost feel you render the power of God ineffective. God dwells in freedom, power, joy, wisdom and victory all of which holds limitless possibilities. Victims are helplessness and need everything done for them, like an advocate. Now Jesus is our advocate, but not for the purpose of keeping us helpless; far from it. He is our advocate for the sole purpose of freeing us from the chains of sin and empowering us to live the life that He died to give us. If someone hurts you or a challenging circumstance caused you pain turn to the Lord. Give Him the freedom to heal, restore that way your life can continue to blossom leaving no residue of hurt or pain at all.

The title of this blog is accredited to a devotional I am currently doing on the bible app. I found it so fitting!  It helped me to remember the freedom I have in Jesus and that the pain I have gone through is no the end of my story.  And this is why I love the bible app.  It makes the Word of God all the more accessible. You have more opportunities to receive joy, peace, healing….whatever you need!! I strongly encourage you to let you of the pain. No matter how it was caused Jesus is able to address it.  You can become stronger, wiser and happier than you were before. There is no hope for someone who chooses to remain a victim.  You remain subject to your circumstances and the treatment you receive from people.  Essentially you are stuck and it won’t because God’s power is not effective.  It will simply be you have chosen to not make full use of it…..

Little Rose…Join The Journey

P.S. Make sure you check out Youtube – Little Rose: Join The Journey. I go into more detail about some of the experiences I’ve had and hoe the Lord has brought about a change.

Work Ethic: All Work Leads To A Profit

I can not believe it is July already! The year is flying by and as I reflect on everything I am in awe.  God in His faithfulness is renewing my heart for worship (which is so very important to me). In addition to that He is clarifying my purpose and instructing me on the things I need to do, but more importantly He is restoring my life with each day that passes by.  I am getting stronger day by day while my faith is being revived. For this I am so thankful. So it is safe to say that things are going well, but although there is much to be thankful for I am having to challenge myself with respect to my work ethic if I am to see the plans of God fulfilled in my life.

In times past I have poured my whole life into things, projects, including ministry, and it not yield any results.  It has been a source of great disappointment. It caused me to question – Is it even worth giving my all in to anything? I have lamented over the time and energy lost, however I am reminded of what Proverbs 14:23 says and I this encourages me.  It says “All hard work leads to a profit.”  This means if we are diligent in our efforts over a consistent period of time then our work will lead to a profit. This should motivate us to seek God for His plan, (His will) so that we can and will achieve and accomplish His purpose for our lives.

It takes courage to try anything much less to try something again after great loss and failure, but we serve the God of the impossible.  No matter what has happened before God is able to do a new thing!! If we continue to hide behind fear and disappointment the clarity and strength we need for the work will never come. It is only when we put our faith into action we then give God something to work with.  I love what David said to his son Solomon.  He said “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Don’t be afraid or discouraged by the size of the task, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.” (1 Chronicles 28:20 NLT).  Therefore, it is time to get to work.  What has God asked you to do? Do you know the vision the Lord has for your life?  Are you not stepping out due to fear or maybe it is a lack of resources? Well, time is short and the Lord is coming back soon!  Trust God and the plan HE has given you.  Believe the resources you need will come.  Manage what you have  wisely and allow the Lord to order step and decision making.  I would hate for Him to return and find me twiddling my thumbs or doing doing something completely opposite from the vision He gave me.  

What will Jesus find you doing when He returns……

Little Rose…Join The Journey

P.S. Make sure you look us up on Youtube – Little Rose: Join The Journey

The Day To Day

When you get a “word” from God on what He has in store for your life it is nothing else an exhilarating. In that moment you feel so connected to the Lord and to His presence you feeling unstoppable. However that moment does come to an end and you are left with walking out the day to day reality of your life. With every season, every trial and every step forward and setback walking out the The Day To Day of God’s plan is more than a powerful service, God encounter or revelation through His Word. In actually fact those moments are meant to keep us motivated, energized and focused. The road of the believer is NOT easy, therefore it is up to us to keep ourselves encouraged through God’s Word.

One thing I try my best to do is to not look to far ahead. It can be very discouraging to see how far you still have to go and how little you have accomplished. My nephew always “One day at a time.” And as believers this is a good attitude to have. The bible says “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34). Each day has it’s own set of challenges, so why look ahead to find more.  I have to admit I was guilty of doing this (like ALL the time), but I realized how much of my joy, hope, rest and wonder it was robbing me. It was hard to stop, however by God’s grace I was able to lay it down and make room for a glad heart and strength for the tasks ahead.

The truth is walking out the day to day of God’s plan is not that glamorous. It requires a steadfastness and fortitude that we as human beings lack. It is ONLY through Jesus Christ and the power of His Holy Spirit that even makes it possible. And for this I am eternally grateful. I strongly encourage you to take each day as it comes. Plan, but leave room for God to make amendments and rely heavily on HIs timing.

Know you are blessed and be encouraged!

Little Rose…Join The Journey
P.S. Make sure you look us up on Youtube – Little Rose: Join The Journey


The Real Narrative

When I look of the current state of my life I think of my parents. As much as I have hope and it is obvious God is with me, at times I feel that my life is a mess; completely out of order and not where it should be. As I survey the current climate and history of my family a thought often crosses my mind. I am doomed to live out my parents fate and/or become all they said I would be. It is my most dreaded nightmare. In church we hear preachers say “No matter where you’ve come from or what your background is God has a plan for you and can work in your life.” Recently I had to admit I did not believe this to be true. The legacy of my family feels like a shadow; always lurking close by. It did not matter what I achieved or accomplished I felt the truth about where I came from could resurface at any moment and tare down life as I knew it. It is only through God’s Word that I can now see things clearly and live out The Real Narrative.

To be honest, my parents are an embarrassment. They have been an ongoing source of shame throughout my life. They are everything I don’t want to me. There is nothing about their life that I aspire to have for myself, nor have they ever been a role in any way. I know it is hard to think this way about your mother and father, but sadly I have always felt this way (even from a young child). Although I tried to rebuild our relationship after becoming a christian (on numerous occasions), those attempts were unsuccessful. Putting aside obvious grievances I really wanted a relationship with my parents, nevertheless after a recent attempt they chose to sever all ties. To my surprise this came with a huge sigh of relief. For the first I actually feel loosed from the legacy they have left behind. I can now live beyond what they have spoken and freely declared God’s goodness.

Putting the lies to rest regarding my past and the things my parents have said has taken much longer than I ever had anticipated. However, starting this new chapter has me afforded the opportunity to rebuild with a clean slate; with no lingering residue of past. I no longer look over my shoulder worrying of what was or fearing the past will come back to haunt me. A weight has been lifted. With God’s Word I look forward now, and so should you. Belief in God’s Word does not come over night. It develops over time as you read it. The more you read the bible the more the truth in it changes the way you think. Long standing patterns of thinking somehow change and you are free. God desires that you would know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32). God’s truth is nothing like the lies of the past. His Word is full of hope, purpose, love and direction for the future.

I pray today that you would get into the Word of God. Allow the truth in to impact your life. It will heal you, restore you and lead you into a good life. God has blessed me greatly through the power of His Word. I know He is able to do the same for you!! You just have to let me Him……

Little Rose…Join The Journey

Finding God In The Ruins

On this journey of following God and growing in worship I had to learn that dealing with disappointment is apart of the journey. In my past post I shared about having Heaven’s perspective on your life and current circumstances, however I did not want to leave you with the impression that was untruthful or unrealistic. Things in life do not always work out like you planned. Even when I have did what I felt God asked of me the outcome was not what I thought it would be, and certainly not what I had wanted. This can be difficult to work through, especially in the area worship. It certainly was for me. Hardship after hardship, one problem after another I found it more and more challenging to see God’s goodness. Life as I knew it was being torn apart brick by brick, and it was becoming quite evident it was never going to be the same again.

So much of our lives is lived behind closed doors. The day to day of work, going to school, house work, grocery shopping, running errands and so on. Yet through the process of daily living we suffer losses and experience pain. How we manage such things says a lot about our character, however it is more complex than that. We never know how great a loss will be or how much pain a situation will cause until it actually happens. I never would have thought that the path the Lord had me on would have led me here. Standing in a ruin of what my life used to be. My heart conflicted and weary, not knowing if I had the strength to continue to stand in faith, much less worship. As I look around at the dust and ashes of a life that once was, I began to wonder. Can my heart really worship again? Could things ever be greater than they were before? During the last seven years there has been so much upheaval and unravelling I honestly was not sure. But this is where the journey begins. The journey back starts by Finding God In The Ruins.

Finding God in the ruins is the beginning of the journey back to a thriving worship life and complete restoration. You start off by acknowledging the current condition of things (however bad it may be) and that the God you serve and worship is able and willing to restore all which was lost. He was not the author of your pain or hardship, but He is willing to rebuild your life out of the rubble. As I have begun to make this my focus the goodness of God overwhelms my heart and I wanted to worship again. Now rebuilding a life after so much hardship can seem like a daunting task. It may take time, so do not beat yourself up. Undoubtedly there will be some healing that will need to take place. This is completely normal. Allow your faith to be renewed and your hope restored. The strength to rebuild will come. Make praying, reading the Word of God and worship a priority. Everything you need will flow out of those times of prayer, worship and devotion.

Loosing my livelihood, family, earthly possessions (and so much more) a second time in my life broke me. I never thought I would have to experience these things a second time. The horror of it all nearly pushed me over the edge. The only that saved me was finding God in the mist of the ruin and the pain. Receiving His hope has helped me to not accept the current circumstances as the final end. Today I pray you will find the Lord in whatever scenario you find yourself in. That you will find the strength to believe and have hope in the Saviour. I am praying if you too are surrounded by the ruins of life you once had that you will find God in it, and have the courage to rebuild.

Little Rose…Join The Journey


Heaven’s Reality

The view sometimes in life is not always that appealing. Whether it is from a hospital bed, in a door of a kitchen with an empty fridge (and no money in the bank) or within a small room at local shelter God can and will meet you there if you choose to worship. Looking back now I can see why past trials took such a toll on me. My focus was on what was in front of me, ie. my problem, instead of seeing the God of heaven with me facing my problem. In those instances I did NOT make heaven my reality. Everything but the eternal had my attention, but when really committing your life to worship everything about heaven, eternity and the majesty of Jesus must consume your every thought (no matter the present circumstances).

Too often the truth of heaven escapes us because as humans we can be so earth bound. Now although God did carry me through my ability to worship, truly worship, weakened with every hardship. This should not have been the case. The difficulty you are facing does not have to consume you. Proverbs 15:15 (AMP) says “All the days of the afflicted are bad (by anxious thought and evil forebodings), But a glad heart has a continual feast (regardless of circumstances).” A continual feast is not only pertaining to natural food. It is also referring to feasting at the Lord’s table, in His presence. Your heart can be glad, full of joy. This is not contingent on earthly surroundings. Worship had the ability to change your perspective if we allow it to.

The song “Flood The Earth” by Jesus Culture is a song where the reality of heaven is pushed to the forefront. Every time I listen to it I am swept away. I am taken to a the place where I know I am seated with Jesus; where He is King. The job I don’t really care for or the house I one day hope to buy no longer matter. Eternity is right before me, in plain sight. You see there is power when you give heaven room and the truth of Jesus your full attention. Whatever is trying to overtake you or defeat you it can not succeed. Declaring Heaven’s Reality hell has to step back, darkness must flee, fear has to leave. Wherever the presence of God is everything must bow, including your circumstances. Why not worship will you wait?

Do not underestimate the power of your worship. Heaven will back you up. You just have to open your mouth.

Little Rose…..Join The Journey


A Year To Persevere, A Year To Worship

With 2017 over and 2018 under way I am seeking the Lord for what is next. In doing so I promised myself something. I decided in 2018 that I would be more open. Open to sharing my life and the struggles I face. Because the truth is I am not entirely sure what is up ahead. 2017 was such a turbulent year. There is know way I could have anticipated all that had happened, and there is still so much to digest. I grapple to leave behind the memories of my sister; the mark her life and death have left on me. Which is why I when out of town for the Christmas break. I did it to get some down time in the hopes to gain some perspective. Having endured so much and gone through so much I had to make sure I was even still on course with what God has planned for my life. With everything I could not assume no errors had occurred. The pieces still don’t seem to fit together, but either way the time away was necessary.  I encourage you to do the same. Now more than ever living the Christian life requires a greater need for the Spirit of God. The strength and direction He gives.

The perseverance needed to endure this life as believer is unlike anything I thought could ever be attainable. From a human standpoint it is not feasible, but through the ups and downs God remains faithful. He pulls us through. Moving forward I will share more of the good and the bad. I hope it will you encourage to keep going. To persevere. There are so many reasons to quit, lay down and surrender. Even with living a kingdom focused/Christ-like lifestyle challenges and hardship present seeming impossible situations. We are pushed to our limits and often far passed them, nevertheless it up to us to yield to the Lord and the aid the Holy Spirit provides and stand our ground. To believe God, trust His Word and rest in His loving kindness.

This is why I love Worship. How I feel may (or does) change from day to day, but what I believe and know to be true remains the same. Worship reorients my heart and mind onto the truth. The truth of Jesus, who He is and what His Word declares. This journey of perseverance is a journey to Worship. To declare the goodness of God in greater measure regardless of the situation or circumstances.

Today I am listening to “Peace” by Josh Baldwin. It is off his album “The War Is Over.” As I listen to the words my hope is revived and strength rises within my heart. I can face another day. Much of it unknown and may remain that why, however I can rest in a God who is looking after every detail. The pain that is not yet healed I trust that it will be healed in time. Everything that is undone trust it will not remain that way.  May 2018 be a year of rest, hope and renewed loved for Jesus and His presence.

Know His presence is with you. In whatever current state you find yourself know He is there. Engage your heart in the truth Worship can bring.

May your journey lead you in to a
deeper life of Worship…..

Little Rose…Join The Journey